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About us

Bubus heated jackets, high quality winter jackets

Bubus is changing the way we understand winter. In a sector that has not evolved technologically in years, Peghin's is a disruptive brand with a clear social objective; bring technology to the world of fashion. Put the latest technological advances at the disposal of everyone to improve our lives.

We like to consider ourselves as a 2.0 fashion company and therefore, our goal more than to dress, is to create a true experience in our customers.


The company that I have started is a mixture between technology and fashion. For this, together with my I+D team, we have developed a whole range of elements that allow us to convert our fashion jackets into authentic pieces of technology. 

Our ultra light carbon fiber pads work with an infra red tech, which together with the textile perspiration technology make from this jackets a unique gadget. And by the way, you can use it also to charge your phone. It's really cool. :)

The battery remains up to 4h at maximum temperature, and between 10-12 at minum, and due to our innovative system, there is norisk of burning. At the same time our pads are resistible and washable. 

"We fuse the technology of heat generation with the latest fashion designs, creating an unprecedented user experience. Garments that can be used in all situations without sacrificing comfort or style."


We have logistics offices in various parts of the world, strategically distributed to offer the best distribution service to our customers.
Our headquarters are located in Bucharest, despite having offices also supported in Barcelona, Andorra, Hong Kong and New York