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After years of development, Bubus transformed the winter jacket industry, applying infrared technology diodes that generate heat without ignition. In other words, it heats but does not burn. All our jackets are made of top quality materials and the heat generation systems are manually sewn to the jacket lining.

For us the quality of the product is something fundamental, it is part of the DNA of the brand. It was about creating a functional and comfortable element, while at the same time capturing the heat is the most efficient in thermal terms. Here you will find some images of the materials and the tests that we have done.

1.HEATING ZONES. Powered by an included, 5-Volt battery that plugs inside the pocket, our jackets are designed with different intelligently integrated heating zones. It includes all the features needed to help you brave blistering cold conditions with no worries.

2.THREE OPERATION MODES. From the LED button on the chest, you can control the interior temperature level. The LED changes color depending on the selected temperature level, from 25 up to 55 degrees of temperature at its maximum level. Some other products give 5 option, but the capacity of appreciation in terms of comfort is non-existent, so we have simplified it to three.

3.DURABLE BATTERY. Our batteries are optimized to offer maximum comfort experience, lasting up to 14 hours of uninterrupted use at a comfort level and 5 hours at maximum level. All in small size and weight that allows you to forget their presence.

4.WATER-RESISTANT SHELL. Made using 100% polyester fabric, the shell of the jacket is water-resistant to make it more difficult for water to get inside, keeping you drier in wet, rainy conditions.

5.MAXIMUM COMFORT. soft fleece that renders good insulating properties without much weight. Providing you with an extraordinary, comfortable experience, you can enjoy three hours of heating function to see you through the bitter cold, winter season.

6.WASHABLE MATERIALS & PREMIUM COMPONENTS. Water Resistant, Wind Resistant, Washer Safe. Just need to remove the battery before washing.

7.FASHIONABLE. Fashion designs adapted to today's needs. They are versatile garments that can be combined for daily use. Our system can be adapted to any type of garment, but we bet on the latest fashion garments with a more casual look.

8.MOBIL CHARGER.  Our charging device has USB output that allows the charging of mobile phones or other devices. An Additional value-added to our system.

9. IQOS FRIENDLY. It can easily be charged with our system.


  • Interior net for Googles
  • Lumbar belt
  • Underarm perspiration zipper
  •  Inside pockets
  • Adjustable hood
  • Velcro closures on cuffs

Please note that our products don't include the power bank. You must buy it separately.



Heat distribution